About Dr Mica Engel

One of London’s most in demand Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Mica (or just Mica as she prefers), initially trained as an A&E doctor in Brazil and Preventive Medicine in Italy before settling in London. An expert in how to make the most of your natural beauty, her knowledge is extensive and her treatments raved about by the beauty world and beyond.

She has been labeled the “superhero of the skincare world” having launched two lines of her own products, but her true love will always be Obagi Medical Products.

Mica started prescribing Obagi Medical more than 10 years ago and the reliability of great results is what keeps her faithful to the brand.

In her opinion, the most important parameter in beauty is having good, healthy skin. If someone has a glowing complexion and has a few lines, they look wonderful. On the other hand, someone with bad skin can go and have a facelift, they would still have bad skin. So a personalised routine is the first step to take in order to look and feel good.

She is making her expertise on prescribing Obagi Medical Products more widely available by stabilising a direct link via her new website. The idea is to spread the word for the ones who haven’t heard about the products yet and make easier for the ones who have to maintain their routine.